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Plan Your Visit to Hatta Wadi Hub: Timings, Location, Getting There

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In the mountain town of Hatta is a getaway for those thrill-seekers looking to go on a day of adventure — Hatta Wadi Hub. Situated on the outskirts of Dubai, it has more than 25 outdoor activities and attractions, with more coming soon. For those who don't have adventure on their minds, Hatta Wadi Hub also offers spectacular views of the natural reddish rocky Hatta mountains. If you're looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of Dubai, yet want to experience a rush of adrenaline, Hatta Wadi Hub is for you!

Hatta Wadi Hub Timings

What are Hatta Wadi Hub opening hours?
Hatta Wadi Hub timings are 7 am-10 pm daily between October-April.

When is Hatta Wadi Hub closed?
Hatta Wadi may be closed from May to September. However, please check before planning a visit.

How long should I spend at Hatta Wadi Hub?

Hatta Wadi Hub offers a day of outdoor fun. Depending on the exciting adventures you want to experience, you can expect to spend between 6-24 hours here.

Hatta Wadi Hub Location

Hatta Wadi Hub Address: Sufayri - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Getting There

  • Bus/Taxi: You can take buses from Sabkhka, Bus Station 1 to Hatta Wadi Hub, or opt for RTA buses or taxis, the latter of which can be very expensive.
  • Car: It is approximately 130 kilometers, a 90-minute drive, from the Dubai Airport. The shortest route to reach Hatta from Dubai is to take the E102 from E44 or E611.
  • Parking: Hatta Wadi Hub has free car and caravan parking facilities onsite.

Hatta Wadi Hub Facilities & Services


Hatta Wadi Hub has a few food trucks on-site, like Alberi cafe, Sedr Bites, Adrina, Doner Race Sandwich, Damani Bites, that offer a variety of food. If you’re looking to dine, there are several local restaurants in Hatta Village. If you’re staying overnight, then you even have the option of a BBQ at the hub.


You can click pictures at Hatta Wadi Hub. Since the activity centre is in rocky terrain, make sure to strap your photography equipment and carry it only for appropriate activities.


If you’re driving to Hatta Wadi Hub, there are free designated parking spots for your vehicle. If you are camping overnight, you can park your car near your camping pitch.


Wi-Fi services are available for use at the venue. Please note that even though there is Wi-Fi at Hatta Wadi Hub, the Wi-Fi speed can vary as the region is in a rocky terrain.

Plan your visit to Hatta Wadi Hub: FAQs

Where is Hatta Wadi Hub located?

Hatta Wadi Hub is in Sufayri, which is approximately 130 km from Dubai Airport.

What are Hatta Wadi Hub opening hours?

Hatta Wadi Hub timings are 07 am-10 pm, daily, between October 1st 2020 to April 30th 2021.

What is the best time to visit Hatta Wadi Hub?

It is recommended to visit Hatta Wadi Hub during the spring or autumn when the temperatures are favorable for spending a day outside! Make sure to carry sufficient water with you if you plan to hike or a mountain bike.

How can I get to Hatta Wadi Hub?

You can take public transport (bus/cab) to get to Hatta Wadi Hub. Alternatively, you can also drive. Hatta Wadi is approximately 130 kilometers from the Dubai Airport.

What are the activities offered by Hatta Wadi Hub?

The activities on offer include both paid and free options. You can choose from mountain biking, hiking, axe-throwing, paragliding, horseback riding, kayaking, zorbing, trampolines, and more!

Is Hatta Wadi Hub wheelchair friendly?

As Hatta Wadi Hub is on rocky terrain, hence there is no wheelchair access.

Does Hatta Wadi Hub have camping facilities?

Campers can pitch their tents or caravans at Hatta Camping Grounds. Basic facilities will be made available at reasonable rates.